Foster Youth Program

Foster Youth Program

iStock_000001665722LargeThe Foster Youth Program, funded by Alameda County Social Services, is focused on prevention and early intervention. MISSSEY’s Youth Engagement Specialists and Case Managers provide direct services to targeted CSEC and at-risk youth, ages 11 to 17, who are entering or are already part of the Alameda County foster care system. The program also delivers consultation to SSA/Department of Children and Family Services on service design and training strategies for staff who work with CSEC.

Childhood experiences that victims of CSE commonly share:

  • Prior sexual abuse by a family member or family friend
  • Parental neglect, abuse, or abandonment
  • Time spent as runaways
  • Homelessness
  • Poverty
  • Community violence

Sexual abuse in particular is cited as a leading cause for entry into CSE. An estimated 65-95 percent of sex trafficking victims were sexually assaulted as children and 75 percent of all sex trafficking victims were at one point homeless.1

A childhood of abuse and neglect greatly increases the chances for children to be lured into commercial sexual exploitation. It is also what runaway, homeless, and foster care children have in common. When asked, “What is the typical victim [of CSE] you come across?” law enforcement officials answer that many of these kids are part of the foster care system.

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