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Get Involved

Every day some of the Bay Area’s most vulnerable youth are sexually exploited for other people’s profit. They are bought and sold, beaten, drugged, hustled, molested, raped, and ultimately discarded when they no longer fetch a price. The number of Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) is increasing, while the average age is decreasing. Further, these youth are often considered criminals, as if they’re seeking to be abused, rather than suffering as victims of domestic human trafficking.

MISSSEY is driven by the knowledge that the work we do in the community is for the community and those who live in it. We are dedicated to doing our part in shaping communities that are healthier, empowered, and better informed. We know we cannot do this alone.

As a community–based organization, we feel it is important to have the support of the community. Just as you rely on us, we rely on you. There are several ways you can directly support survivors, our services to them, and the rising movement for decriminalization of CSEC:

Donate to MISSSEY. No amount is too small.

Be a Monthly Donor. Your ongoing support is instrumental in helping our youth reach their full potential.

Sign up for our  newsletter. Get up-to-date information on the issue and how you can support us through events and campaigns.

Be a volunteer. Help us in the office, out in the community, as a mentor, and more.

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