Celebrate MISSSEY’s 10 Year Anniversary and Move!

Motivating, Inspiring, Supporting, and Serving Sexually Exploited Youth (MISSSEY, INC) is Turning 10 and MOVING!

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At MISSSEY, we believe in and have witnessed the power, brilliance, and resiliency of young people. We remain intensely committed to our mission and look forward to continuing to provide support to girls 11-24 through our intensive case management, one to one mentoring, and daily drop in center. These past 6 months we’ve been abuzz with re-energized commitment, growth, and progress. We welcomed our new Executive Director and focused energy on building our leadership team and piloting important programs. We successfully developed and delivered a 40-hour Human Trafficking Training curriculum, partnered with Oakland Unified School District to begin prevention education, and are currently working in partnership with AnnieCannons to pilot a program that will connect MISSSEY girls to tech training and job opportunities.


Together, we have been providing safe spaces, cultivating healthy relationships, and manifesting hope with girls since 2007. This July, we will celebrate our 10 year anniversary! Turning 10 is an important milestone and an opportunity to reflect on the amazing work we’ve done and the critical work that lies ahead. MISSSEY started small and has grown into an organization of 15 committed women providing diverse opportunities to survivors. As we turn 10, we are focused on ensuring increased organizational strength and ongoing longevity. Building capital and increasing individual support is a critical next step in our journey. Fundraising is a necessary reality for nonprofits and this year, we are committed to bringing in the funds needed to provide greater stability to the organization. Our mission is critical and we have a responsibility to continue our important work with girls.

We value the tremendous growth we have had as an organization, and now we are moving! The changing Bay Area real estate market is impacting us. Our lease is expiring this summer, the rent will increase, and our current space will no longer be within our budget. We are excited by the opportunity to move into a new space, make it our own, and call it home. Our decade long work with survivors has taught us how important healthy and safe spaces are to healing and we are committed to creating a new home for MISSSEY that energizes love, hope, and community.


We can only do this with your help. As a small grassroots nonprofit, MISSSEY exists, succeeds, and expands with and because of your support.

Below, we’ve outlined our fundraising goal for the year and anticipated our moving costs. We are wholeheartedly grateful for support at all levels. Once you select your giving option below, click “Donate Now” to be taken to our secure Paypal page.


MISSSEY’s 10 Year Resiliency Campaign Goal: $100,000

Celebrate MISSSEY’s 10 Years of Resiliency
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MISSSEY Move 2017

Power Ballers

First, last month rent, and deposit = $12,000

*Giving in this category: $500; $1,000

Movers and Shakers

Moving costs = $5,000

*Giving in this category: $200, $250

Lovers of Learning

New computers and equipment = $3,500

* Giving in this category: $125, $175

Design Dazzlers

Couch, rugs, pillows, throw blankets, curtains, and other space beautifying items = $3,000

Giving in this category: $75, $100

Bread and Butterers

Kitchenware = $ 2,000

*Giving in this category: $25, $50

Support MISSSEY Move 2017
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We’ve made it easy to give! Donate online using the forms above, or send a check addressed to the following:MISSSEY, Inc.
Attn: Learkana Chong
436 14th Street, Ste. 150
Oakland, CA 94612

You can also call MISSSEY’s Grants Associate, Learkana Chong, at 510-251-2070 ext. 108.

Together we can create a better future for girls.

With appreciation,