About Us

Founding Platform

We envision a world without commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). To that end, we exist to provide services to commercially sexually exploited (CSE) victims and work for systemic change on behalf of the youth we serve.


MISSSEY’s work continues to be centered around our founders’ beliefs and aspirations for the future:

    1. Because CSEC are victims of physical, emotional, and psychological abuse as well as sexual abuse, and need protection regardless of their ability to cooperate, we want to spark a national movement that recognizes the issue of CSEC, which will require law enforcement, the juvenile justice system, and social services to respond to CSEC as victims instead of criminals.


2. Because CSEC are victims of child sexual abuse and NOT “child prostitutes,” we want CSEC to be recognized as victims instead of criminals.


3.Because the commercial sexual exploitation of children and youth occurs in many forms (on the streets, through pornography, in strip clubs, etc.), we want education and awareness to be brought to the issues surrounding CSEC.


4. Because CSEC need and deserve specialized treatment, as well as non-judgmental healing and recovery services provided by socially conscious staff with relevant life experience, we want a comprehensive service model and more crisis centers established for CSEC.


5. Because creating a permanent record of a child’s sexual exploitation through media or any other means further exploits the child, we want the rights and needs of CSEC to be everyone’s foremost priority, which requires the use of appropriate language/framing and applying the strictest confidence in all situations concerning a commercially sexually exploited child.


6. Because we believe that the sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation of minors are horrendous criminal offenses against a highly vulnerable population, we want serious consequences imposed on anyone who sexually abuses or commercially sexually exploits youth.