Our advocacy efforts bring the voices of studentsCSEC to the table in order to meaningfully inform and influence legislation, policies, and perceptions that impact sexually exploited children and youth.

Sex trafficking generates about $99 billion in profits for illegal businesses. Victims of sex trafficking are forced to work in the commercial sex trade against their will. Physical and emotional violence are an intrinsic part of this industry, which preys on individuals in conditions of physical, economic, and psychological vulnerability. To keep them working, victims are threatened, lied to, and beaten by traffickers and pimps, who control their money. This practice exists within all sectors of the sex industry, including street prostitution, strip clubs, residential brothels, pornography stores, and massage parlors.

California is a leader in reforming its response to the commercial sexual exploitation of children. For too long young women were arrested, charged with a crime, and treated like a sex offender–yet none of them were old enough to even consent to sex. MISSSEY has been at the very forefront of these changes. Working in partnership with the Alameda County District Attorney’s office, MISSSEY has helped craft legislation with leaders of the California Senate and Assembly. We continue to support State and Federal legislation relevant to our mission.


MISSSEY Executive Director, Dr. Jennifer Lyle discussion with Professor Jason Seals about the paths of indoctrination that lead young people into the life and the ways we can support them to find new ways to heal and thrive in this podcast.