Nearly every day MISSSEY is called upon by researchers, advocates, students, and the media to share our knowledge about CSEC, the work we do, prevention and outreach efforts, and current anti-trafficking legislation. Due to the confidential nature of our work, please note that we cannot accommodate requests for survivors to be profiled, interviewed, or otherwise engaged with the public.

MISSSEY serves young women between the ages of 12-24 who are at various points in their healing process and we do not encourage survivors to tell their stories publicly. The decision to share personal stories of abuse is a very personal decision, particularly stories of commercial sexual abuse which is still highly stigmatized. If and when a survivor decides to share her story, our only role is to support her. We do not facilitate meetings with the press. With all of that being said, there are several high profile survivor leaders who publicly identify as survivors and speak to their experiences publicly and regularly. MISSSEY encourages all media contacts to research and locate these leaders.

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Our Executive Director Jennifer B. Lyle sat down with Professor Jason Seals, of the African American Studies Department within the Peralta Community College District to discuss the topic of Sexual Exploitation, Black Bodies, Pimping, and more.

A Movement of Truth: Sexual Exploitation, Black Bodies, Pimping and Violence