Intensive Life Coaching & Case Management

Intensive Life Coaching

In order for commercially sexually exploited youth to successfully exit the sex trafficking cycle of abuse and violence, intensive support and services are required. Many exploited youth are prevented from engaging in recovery services due to the stigma and shame associated with their exploitation, low self-esteem as a result of  their exploitation and marginalization, and a lack of trust for service providers who may not understand their complex trauma.

MISSSEY’s intensive life coaching and case management programs provide survivor- and trauma-informed, culturally relevant, and strengths-based supports that work to remove these barriers and create a safe, supportive, and nonjudgmental environment. Intensive Life Coaches and Case Managers work closely with systems-involved (juvenile justice or child welfare) and non-systems-involved youth ages 12-24 who are highly vulnerable to or already victimized by CSEC to assist with overall stability, including court advocacy, connections to medical and mental health professionals, housing options, educational and vocational programs, and basic needs support.

Intensive Life Coaches and Case Managers work with program participants on developing self-identified goals and implementing activities that enable goal achievement. Action steps are concrete and always include connecting participants to community resources. Support is ongoing and is individualized based on personal goals. Helping CSEC and vulnerable youth build individualized networks of support is integral to increasing the overall safety and well-being of our youth by ensuring they have the knowledge and abilities to access a holistic, youth-focused array of community supports at any given time.

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