Client Stories

Client Stories


MISSSEY has worked with over 1,000 youth since our inception as a community-based organization in 2007. With our support, many have exited “the life.”  Here we share their perspectives as resilient young people.

Black is Beautiful

I am a beautiful black
Queen from America.
I am higher than a mountain
and stronger than a lion.
I look like the woman and
man who made me.
I’m brighter than a star
and full of laughter.
My son is important to
me he’s the great I am 🙂
My life journey is to make
it go on and on…
I am going to reach the top
of that mountain. <3

Doubted Me

They doubted me so many times
I thought I couldn’t make it
They talked about me so much
I couldn’t take it
A broken hearted girl
On the edge
Thought she couldn’t make it
Hide her pain and her misery behind her mask
Because she couldn’t face it
Thinking about all the time that I wasted
Man this is crazy
But it’s ok because I’m doing better lately
My future is the diamond
And my life is gold
My life is a story that one day will be told
Closer to my dreams so I soar higher
As Alicia Keys say “this girl is on fire”
They doubted me so many times
I guess they mad now
Try to make a fool out of me but look who’s really the clown
Think about the past and look where I’m at now
Thought I was gone back down
But still I rise on this mountain to success
So still I climb
Untouchable like Left Eye, but heard the realist shit from Tupac
It’s my time to shine so I can’t stop
They doubted me so many times
I wonder what they thinkin’ now…

My Life Story of Who Am I

Who am I…hmmm, I am a young lady growing and becoming a young woman. I am a human being like every other person in this world who makes mistakes. I am somebody whether anyone in my way, space or area thinks I’m not. I am my own person. I am a beautiful person. I am a person who falls but always gets back up. I am a young woman who holds my head up at all times, no matter what I’m going through. I am the person, who holds the key to my own heart because no one else knows how to hold the key right. I am a young lady out of a few other women or young ladies in the world that has been physically abused in a way that I could never imagine. I am that girl who still had a hope in life after that was all over with.

Until, one day the abuse started happening more than that once, even so more than it had ever happened before in my life. I was a young girl who said forget it and started giving up on life, that young girl who was afraid, that young girl who was always angry and cried every time and before she went to bed at night. That young female who kept having very bad dreams about these people and these men doing things to me in a way until that girl started scarring her arms to take the pain away. To take the hurt and afraid-ness and the harmful thoughts away. I was that girl.

I am a young lady who suffered many things but because of the past it made me stronger and I don’t look back anymore but because I am the one or the young lady who’s never talked about my life, the pain and the hurt, the hurt and the pain still caught up with me. It caught up to me to the point where my mother made me feel like she didn’t love me. So the anger came and came. They came so fast to the point where I was doing crazy things out of anger. I am a young lady who lost her virginity out of anger. I am a young lady who went out and was trying to find love from any guy who called me beautiful, pretty and cute because whatever they was telling me, my mother wasn’t. And that’s why I am that young girl who fell into guys’ hands like butterflies. But in the real world I never told myself that they the wrong guys and no good for me, even though in reality they was. I am that young girl who learned that I was actually worth something, who learned from her mistakes and knows not to take ten steps backwards but to keep going forward as much as I can. I am a young lady who wants to be something in life. I am a young lady who is going to fight to be somebody, someday even if it kills me.

So Who Am I. I am a young woman is going to do something with her life. I am a young woman who won’t fall for the okey-dokes anymore. I am a young woman who’s been hurt, in pain, abused, and suffered many things. But I am also that young woman who overcame it all. I am that young woman who will continue by any means necessary to overcome all and any obstacles it is to be who I want to be in life. I am that young woman who is going to succeed. I am that young woman who can’t wait to get her diploma or GED so I say at the end, I made it. I did it with the help of me and all my supporters. And that’s who I am. I am an overcoming, beautiful, intelligent woman and on her way to becoming something in life and being successful.